Grand Canyon Professional Rodeo Association

How to use the GCPRA Entry System

To Enter-

*Go to

*Click on the Entry & Members tab

*Scroll down to the bottom of the information for the rodeo you want to enter, you will see a white square that says Rodeo Entry

*Click on the Rodeo Entry Box

*Enter your membership/permit number (these numbers can be looked up by clicking the title on the top of the Rodeo and Entry Page that says “To Look Up Your Number- Click Here”)

*You will pick your preferences, mark events entered, and any buddies. Click Next and THEN ON NEXT PAGE YOU MUST HIT SUBMIT.

To purchase a membership or permit (a permit is just a non-member pass for 1 rodeo)

To join for membership or permit:

*Go to

*Click on the Entry & Members tab

*Click Members tab

*Click Register tab

*From there you will fill out information, choose your membership or permit, submit and pay