Grand Canyon Professional Rodeo Association
2019 GCPRA 6-Pack Series

2019 6-Pack Series Champions:

Bareback - John Killian

Steer Wrestling - Clem Zievert

Open Tie Down - Derek Runyan

Inc. Tie Down - Colton Guin

Breakaway - Kaylee Billingsley

Saddle Bronc - Cooper DeWitt

Open Header - Pedro Egurrola

Open Heeler - Junior Zambrano

Inc Header - Bob Pimentel

Inc Heeler - Li'l Michael Calmelat

Open Barrels - Stacey Padilla

Inc. Barrels - Cindy Welling

Bull Riding - Nathaniel McFarland

Buckles will be mailed out to the winners later this week.  Thanks for participating in the 2019 GCPRA 6-Pack Series! 


Back again this year! The 2019 GCPRA Rodeo Season will again have a GCPRA 6-Pack Series.  The series will consist of 6 GCPRA Lead Sanctioned rodeos, and the high point in each event will recieve a buckle at the end of the series, as well as the high point All Around will be awarded a saddle.  Below are some need to know facts of the series:

**Rodeos that will be in the 6-Pack Series:

*Delbert Days Rodeo - Lake Havasu City, AZ
*Colorado River Round Up - Needles, CA
*Copper Spur Round Up - Bagdad, AZ
*Greenlee County Fair and Rodeo - Duncan, AZ
*Rex Allen Days Rodeo - Willcox, AZ
*Benson Butterfield Rodeo - Benson, AZ

**Contestants must compete at 4 of the 6 rodeos to be eligible for prizes

**Contestants must be GCPRA members to be eligible for end of series prizes

**Prizes will be given away based on a point system.  Points will be given from 1st through 10th, at the following scale:
1st = 10 pts
2nd = 9 pts
3rd = 8 pts
4th = 7 pts
5th = 6 pts
6th = 5 pts
7th = 4 pts
8th = 3 pts
9th = 2 pts
10th = 1 pt

**In events that are enter more than 1x, only highest points will be used for All Around for Series Standings.  All placings will count for Event Series Standings.

**If there is a tie in points at the end of the series, the tie breaker will fall to highest money won throughout the series.

6-Pack Series
Point Standings

Final Standings