Grand Canyon Professional Rodeo Association

2019 Rule Book

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New Rules or Changes:

2018- Breakaway Rule Change

Ladies Breakawy, Rule #9, now reads:

The only legal catch will be a bell collar catch.  Any other catch will be called a "no time".  A bell collar catch is defined as the animal's whole head with not extremeties.  The loop must first pass over the animal's head.

Contestants - Please Remember if you need to Turn Out you need to call the GCPRA Office (623)249-9506 or the Rodeo Secretary (928)821-0476 (for Camp Verde) AT LEAST 2 hours before the start of the performance or slack you are in.  A TURN OUT will still need to pay their fees.  A Non-Notified Turn Out will be responsible for their fees plus a $25 fine.  You may Medical Release or Vet Release from a rodeo and will not incur a fine or owe fees, however you still need to notify a minimum of 2 hours prior and must have the medical/vet release in to the office within 5 days.  Each contestant is limited to 2 Medical/Vet Releases per year.  A Contestant cannot compete at any sanctioned rodeo for 5 days following the last performance of rodeo released from.