Grand Canyon Professional Rodeo Association


Turn Outs, Vet/Med outs will need to use this

These must be submitted at least 2 hours before the start of the performance or slack you are in.

To Turn Out or Vet/Med Out you must fill out eh Turn Out Form (or you can call in to the State Office or Rodeo Secretary) 2 HOURS PRIOR TO THE START OF YOUR PERFORMANCE OR SLACK 

 GCPRA State Office number – NEW PHONE # (520)213-4213 Leave a message or text! 

 Draw Out & Turn Out Rules 

1. Members entered in a GCPRA rodeo (by self or another person) who is unable to attend must make notification to the rodeo secretary via text or call or email, a minimum of two (2) hours prior to start of rodeo performance. The phone number and email will have ability to take messages with time and date to verify the notification. Even with notified turn outs, members will be responsible for their entry fees, but any fine will be waived. If notification is not made and contestant is entered in a performance, the member will pay entry fee and a $25.00 fine. If a turnout occurs during a slack, the fine will be waived but the entry fee must be paid. Draw outs without a medical excuse require that entry fees be paid. 

2. In the event of a medical emergency, members must notify by phone as noted above for turnouts and must specify “medical” or notify rodeo secretary before stock is turned out. A doctor or vet release must be postmarked to the GCPRA secretary within 5 days after the final performance of the last rodeo the contestant doctor or vet released out of. Contestant then cannot compete for 5 days after the final performance of the rodeo the contestant doctored or vetted out of. (i.e.- - 4th of July rodeos - - If entered in more than one rodeo, you cannot vet or doctor release one without vet or doctor releasing all rodeos.) A Member may only be allowed 2 Medical/Vet Releases for a Season. The member with a medical release will not be liable for fees and a fine will not be imposed unless written release is not received by office within 5-day period. If a contestant fails to get the release into the office within the 5-day period, they will be assessed a fine of $25 plus owe their entry fees. Entry fees for this member will not be added to the jackpot. 

3. A contestant can doctor or vet release performance one event and still compete in another event. 

4. Any member refusing to pay fees and/or fines will be put on the suspended list and will not be allowed to enter any GCPRA rodeos. All moneys accumulated toward the year-end awards and the finals rodeo will be withdrawn until restitution is made. 

5. Should a member end the rodeo year on the suspended list, their violation will be carried to the following year and he/she will not be allowed to purchase a card until violations are paid. 

6. The medical emergency release applies to personal disability and not to that of any livestock. Vets release, at the discretion of the board, will apply to livestock. 

7. A maximum of 2 doctor or vet releases will be allowed each year for any individual member. 8. Any non-member not complying with draw out or turnout rules will be fined $25.00 to be paid at next GCPRA rodeo entered. Any non-member who has been turned out and fined may not enter another GCPRA event as a non- member. In order to enter any further GCPRA sanctioned events they must pay their fine and purchase a GCPRA card. Vet releases apply to all timed events. 9. A contestant is considered officially entered in a rodeo at the close of rodeo entry books for that rodeo and will be responsible for turnout fees and/or fines if he/she draws out any time after rodeo entry books close