Messages to the GCPRA Members

The GCPRA State Office phone number is changing.  The new number will be (520)213-4213
The old (623)249--9506 number will be phasing out

GCPRA Contestants.  You spoke and starting this new season there will be a change to the Incentive Team Roping.  The Incentive will now be an 11.5 (capped at a 6+ Header & 7+ Heeler) or a 12.5 mixed team (one roper MUST be a female).

The incentive team roping is still just one event (or pot). It is the 11.5 combined with a 12.5 mixed all competing against each other.

This does not mean you can enter each of these. It will still be a limit of 2 entries into the incentive…. Just how you qualify to be an incentive team has changed.  Example: John Doe can enter the Open 2x with 2 different partners and can enter the incentive 2x. Could be once with a female as a 12.5 team and once with a roper that makes up an 11.5 or less team; etc.

As for the Tie Down Vote - that one will remain the same as it has been for this upcoming year.

Congratulations to the High Money Winners for the Gilbert Days GCPRA Kick Off Rodeo Weekend.  Each High Money winner will received a Shea Michelle trophy buckle.

Bareback - Tyler Ferguson

Steer Wrestling - Cody Cabral

Breakaway - Cheyenne Blackmore

Open Tie Down - Logan Bird

Inc. Tie Down - Shane Guin

Open Header - Ketch Kelton

Open Heeler- Jake Pianalto

Inc. Header - Kalai Nobriga

Inc. Heeler - Tristan Mahoney

Saddle Bronc - Ace Belvoir

Open Barrels - Kiersten Pettus

inc Barrels - Bridget Callaghan

Bull Riding - Hunter Kelly
From the President:

As the 2023 season came to a close  - We had the pleasure of watching new champions be crowned,  top equine horse/ stock be honored, hired personal recognized for unlimited hours of work and dedication, sponsors and committees recognized for their love and dedication to our industry and association; and the highlight & thrill of competition & professionalism of  our 2023 GCPRA contestants as they battled it out to see who would win the title in their respected event. We would like to THANK all of you who have participated and partnered with us in all of our 2023 adventures.  We appreciate each of you and your dedication. 
In just a couple weeks we will be back in the arena at our 2023 Kick-Off rodeos.  I encourage each of you to get your membership and start out this season with a bang!  2 rodeos in one weekend with over $24,000 added.  This will count as two separate rodeos - helping you secure the number of rodeos needed for our finals. Over the next week you will see lots of things being proposed by our members and we will bring each of them to you through voting options.  I ask that you invest in your association, take the time to vote. These surveys are being proposed by you the competitors and if you really want changes - be a force to help secure changes or even no change by voting.  You have some really strong directors who are working hard to make things better - please utilize them.  We all love FB for obtaining information but please remain professional and reach out to a director, myself and/or Trey Nahrgang, the VP.  We are dreaming big and are working on several new partnerships - we will do our best to keep everyone updated.  Reach out if you have a question, sponsor lead and/or any ideas you think will enhance our association. Thank you once again for entrusting us to represent all of you!

Teri Murphy