This is the page you will use to enter Rodeos.  Scroll down to find the rodeo, and when entries are open there will be an icon you can click on to enter the rodeo.  

You need to know your membership number!  If you do not know your number, you can find it by clicking the link below:
To Enter-

*Go to

*Click on the Entry & Members tab

*Scroll down to the bottom of the information for the rodeo you want to enter, you will see a white square that says Rodeo Entry

*Click on the Rodeo Entry Box

*Enter your membership/permit number (these numbers can be looked up by clicking the title on the top of the Rodeo and Entry Page that says “To Look Up Your Number- Click Here”)

*You will pick your preferences, mark events entered, and any buddies. Click Next and THEN ON NEXT PAGE YOU MUST HIT SUBMIT.

To purchase a membership or permit (a permit is just a non-member pass for 1 rodeo)

To join for membership or permit:

*Go to

*Click on the Entry & Members tab

*Click Members tab

*Click Register tab

*From there you will fill out information, choose your membership or permit, submit and pay

Entry and Members Page

You will use this page to enter rodeos, as well as check your stats

*You must have a membership number to enter a rodeo.  So you must purchase a membership to enter. (Permits will be available for purchase at rodeos where Permits are taken)

*You need to have all Buddies and Team Roping partners numbers when entering also.  Number can be looked up at the link below.

*Late entries will be allowed to call/text or email in until 5pm the day following entry closing (usually Tuesday).  Late entries will be assessed a $25 late fee per contestant.  Call/text (623)249-9506 or email

*Trades will be allowed and the trade deadline is 5pm the second day following entry closing. (normally Wednesday)  Both parties will need to call/text or email.  Call/text (623)249-9506 or email

*Please log-in and check that all information is filled in correctly; example social security #, address, phone, email, jacket size, etc.

Any questions please feel free to contact your event director, anyone on the board or the state secretary.

We look forward to getting through the growing pains and learning this new system with you ALL!