Grand Canyon Professional Rodeo Association


Below are links to vote on year end acknowledgments for several categories.  It is your chance to award the individuals you think have done a stellar job this year.  Also, please vote for Directors for the new term in the respective events.  Daysheets and Flyers are also available on this page.

2022 GCPRA Finals
November 18-20, 2022
Horse Shoe Park
Queen Creek, AZ


2022 Committee Person of the Year:  Sandy Morgan (Deuces Wild Show Low Rodeo)

Rodeo of the Year – Navajo County Fair & Rodeo (Holbrook, AZ)

Bull Fighter of the Year – Cody Escobedo

Pick Up Man of the Year – Tanner Resor

Barrel Man of the Year –  Bob Weir

Stock Contractor of the Year – V Heart Rodeo

Announcer of the Year- James Horcasitas

Judge of the Year- Lance Yazzie

Secretary of the Year- Patsy Alexander

Horses of the Year, and Stock of the Year
(sponsored by Pro and Curicyn)

Bareback of the Year- Lady Assassin (V Heart) & Falina (Honeycutt)

Steer Wrestling Horse of the Year- Dineros Gold, aka “FA” – Tim/Trey Robertson
Calf Roping Horse of the Year- BDE (Cody Shurtz)

Breakaway Horse of the Year- Cathouse (Kimmer Severance) & Biscuit (Kayse Mahoney)

Saddle Bronc Horse of Year- Dillon (Slash M) & Lucky Bug (Honeycutt) 

Team Roping Heading Horse of the Year- Copper T (Pedro Egurrola)

Team Roping Heeling Horse of the Year- Chico (Lil Michael Calmelat)

Barrel Racing Horse of the Year- Mersadies Benz (Kelly Robertson)

Bull of the Year- Marlboro Man (V Heart) & Two Percent (Slash M)

2022 Finals Reserve and Average Champions – 

Bareback Average Reserve – Tyler Ferguson 65 on 1
Bareback Average Champion – Kyle Charley 239 on 3

Steer Wrestling Average Reserve – Trey Nahrgang 19.6 on 2
Steer Wrestling Average Champ – Jace Bleil 23.9 on 3

Calf Roping Average Reserve- Joseph Parsons
Calf Roping Average Champ – Seth Hall

Incentive Calf Roping Average Reserve- Shea Freeland
Incentive Calf Roping Average Champ – Ketch Kelton

Breakaway Average Reserve – Kayse Mahoney
Breakaway Average Champ – Kenzie Kelton

Saddle Bronc Average Champ Reserve – Jay Joaquin
Saddle Bronc Average Champ  –  Slade Ketih

Team Roping – Header Average Reserve – Michael Calmelat
Team Roping – Header Average Champ – Tanner Baldwin

Team Roping – Heeler Average Reserve – Lil Michael Calmelat
Team Roping – Heeler Average Champ – Ketch Kelton 

Incentive Team Roping – Header Ave Reserve –  Denton Hale
Incentive Team Roping – Header Ave Champ –  Jake Rodriguez 

Incentive Team Roping – Heeler Ave Reserve – Kyle McCabe
Incentive Team Roping – Heeler Ave Champ – Mike Freeland

Barrel Race Average Reserve –  Ashley Haller
Barrel Race Average Champ –  Christina Gould

Incentive Barrel Race Average Reserve – Breeann Hoerning
Incentive Barrel Race Average Champ- Lexie Miller

Bull Riding Average Reserve –  Wyatt Austin
Bull Riding Average Champ –  Hunter Kelly

All Around Cowboy for Finals – Ketch Kelton
All Around Cowgirl for Finals- Calli Kaufmann

2022 Year End Champions

Bareback 4th place- N/A
Bareback 3rd place- Tyler Ferguson
Bareback 2nd place- Rio Lee
Bareback Champion- Kyle Charley

Steer Wrestling 4th Place- Trey Nahrgang
Steer Wrestling 3rd Place- Derek Worthen
Steer Wrestling 2nd place- Jace Bleil
Steer Wrestling Champion- Newt Novich

Open Tie Down 4th Place- Joseph Parsons
Open Tie Down 3rd Place- Kalai Nobriga
Open Tie Down 2nd Place- Tristan Mahoney
Open Tie Down Champion- Seth Hall

Incentive Tie Down 4th Place- Denton Dunning
Incentive Tie Down 3rd Place- Rob Black
Incentive Tie Down 2nd place- Shea Freeland
Incentive Tie Down Champion- Ketch Kelton

Breakaway 4th Place- McKenzie Frizzell
Breakaway 3rd place- Nicole Baggarley
Breakaway 2nd place- Kayse Mahoney
Breakaway Champion- Kenzie Kelton

Saddle Bronc Riding 4th Place- Stade Riggs
Saddle Bronc 3rd place- Zachary Dallas
Saddle Bronc 2nd place-  Slade Keith
Saddle Bronc Champion- Jay Joaquin

Open Header 4th Place- Brooks Dahozy
Open Header 3rd place- Trey Blackmore
Open Header 2nd place- Jesstin McNett
Open Header Champion- Tanner Baldwin

Open Heeler 4th Place- Robert Murphy
Open Heeler 3rd place- Junior Zambrano
Open Heeler 2nd place- Denton Dunning
Open Heeler Champion- Lil Michael Calmelat

Incentive Header 4th Place- Jake Rodriguez
Incentive Header 3rd place- Todd Asquith
Incentive Header 2nd place- Shea Freeland
Incentive Header Champion- Jhett Hale

Incentive Heeler 4th Place- Clay Lyman
Incentive Heeler 3rd place- Kyle McCabe
Incentive Heeler 2nd place-  Mike Freeland
Incentive Heeler Champion-  Tristan Mahoney

Open Barrels 4th Place- Rylea Platts
Open Barrels 3rd place- Kelly Robertson
Open Barrels 2nd place-  Ashley Haller
Open Barrels Champion- Christina Gould

Incentive Barrels 4th Place- Breeann Hoerning
Incentive Barrels 3rd place- Stacy Tucker
Incentive Barrels 2nd place-  Stacey Padilla
Incentive Barrels Champion- Lexie Miller

Bull Riding 4th Place- Cody Panero
Bull Riding 3rd place- Wyatt Austin
Bull Riding 2nd place- Caelan Reynolds
  • Bull Riding Champion- Hunter Kelly

2022 Reserve All Around Awards
Reserve All Around Cowgirl- Sierra Spratt
Reserve All Around Cowboy- Denton Dunning

2022 GCPRA All Around Awards
All Around Cowgirl -  Calli Kaufmann
All Around Cowboy-  Seth Hall

Voting Closes Nov. 15 at 10pm
Vote for your next directors!!
Voting Closes Nov. 15 at 10pm
Vote for your next directors!!